Filtration Products

Ultrafiltration Systems

Ultrafiltration is a membrane separation process which removes particles such as fine silt and bacteria and large organic molecules such as oil and hydrocarbons from water. Ultrafiltration is a very hardy process and can take water which is very contaminated such as river or lake surface water and convert it into potable drinking water in one step with the addition of a disinfectant such as chlorine or ozone. Other applications are:

  • Removal of oily wastes and emulsified oil from water.
  • Removal of bacteria from water.
  • Removal of silt and very fine particulates from water down to less than 0.5 microns particle size.
System design: As each feed water is unique, Lifestream will design your microfiltration system to fit the application, the needed final water quality and flow.
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