Solar Powered Water Systems

Water filtration systems and reverse osmosis systems may be powered by solar photovoltaic cell panels. The worldwide demand for solar systems is growing to reduce the cost of energy to operate water purification systems and solar is especially useful for systems in remote areas.

When planning a solar powered system, it is recommended that a back up source of power be available, whether that is local electricity or a genset. While solar may be used to charge batteries, a backup source of power is advisable in case storage falls short.

The amount of power to operate different water treatment systems varies with the type and its rated output. A small water filtration system uses a small amount of energy and is an excellent candidate for solar. Seawater desalination systems use high amounts of energy due to the high operating pressures that must be developed to desalt the water. This means much larger and more expensive solar equipment. For this reason, Lifestream solar powered products are custom engineered based upon the nature of the water to be purified and the application. Our engineering group will work the end user to propose the most energy efficient water purification system and on the solar solution to provide adequate power.

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