Systems for Water Recycling

Systems for Water Recycling

Lifestream has designs and produces Water Recycling Systems up to 2,900 m3/day (765,000 USG/day). These are unitized systems which are easily put into operation on site in the most difficult of locations. These units can be containerized in customized 20 and 40 foot ISO containers for secure transit and easy startup or skid mounted.

Purify Surface water and contaminated well water

  • Microfiltration Membranes allow water and dissolved ions, to pass through, but stop suspended solids down to particle sizes as small as 0.1 microns. This process clarifies water and removes virtually all suspended solids.
  • Ultrafiltration produces water free of virtually all suspended solids and turbidity as well as removing suspended and emulsified organic chemicals.
  • UV Sterilizers can be added to eliminate all living pathogens and some BOD and COD.

Wastewater Recycling

  • Wastewater recycling and reuse can be accomplished with properly designed recycling systems to allow dramatic reduction in waste water disposal costs.
  • Wastewater concentration allows the contaminated water which needs do be disposed of to be quite concentrated to reduce disposal costs. Often a properly designed recycling system can concentrate waste to 10 % to 15% of its original volume so that disposal problems and cost can be reduced by 8 to 9 times.

Raw Material Recycling Custom Design

  • Often very large savings can be realized by recycling and reusing expensive raw materials. A Process Water recycling system can be designed to allow reclamation of 80% to 90 % of one or more process raw materials which can yield a payback time for the system of less than 1 year of operation. At the same time the process can provide a stream of potable grade water and a very concentrated waste stream which is far more economical to dispose of than an untreated stream. The design and fabrication of this type of system suited to a specific need is something that Lifestream has done over the years and will be happy to discuss the details as a beginning to a project.

System Design

  • As each water recycling situation and need is unique, Lifestream engineers will work with your personnel and will design a system ideally tailored to your needs Contact Lifestream to start the process of saving money, valuable materials, time and being a better “greener” corporate citizen.

Contact Lifestream for a proposal, design, and pricing for your custom project.

Systems for Water Recycling
Systems for Water Recycling