Water Filtration for the Oil & Gas Industry

Lifestream Watersystems Inc. provides water purification systems for the oil and gas industry serving three different needs:

  • Systems Installed on Offshore Oil Platforms for Drinking Water and Maintenance
  • Systems for Coal Bed Methane and Oil Fields to Purify Process Water
  • Systems for Remote Camps/ Communities to Provide Water for Oil/gas Field Workers

Systems Installed on Offshore Oil Platforms for Drinking and Maintenance:

On offshore platforms, fresh water is necessary for wash down of equipment and to provide potable water for workers. Lifestream provides standard equipment from 200 gallon/day and up. Also, we construct specialized systems to meet the complex needs on platforms and their safety requirements. When planning an installation, the end user can choose to add the features:

  • Systems to meet hazardous area requirements
  • Two pass systems to provide high purity water
  • Combination high purity and potable water systems
  • Specialized computerized control systems
  • Containerized systems/fully enclosed skid mounted systems
  • Specialized systems to meet comprehensive specs developed by oil companies

Systems for Coal Bed Methane and Oil Fields to purify process water:

As part of extraction and drilling, large quantities of contaminated water are both produced from the wells and needed for the extraction process. This water is contaminated with oils, salts and other impurities which require disposal. Also, large quantities of water are used in extraction processes which create a burden on local water supplies. Filtration processes and desalination play an important role in reducing the quantity of water which must be re-injected into disposal wells, or trucked away as an expensive disposal cost. Environmental regulations are becoming more stringent in many areas making local disposal increasingly expensive. Drilling more disposal wells is also expensive or being prohibited altogether.

Lifestream works with processors to identify the contaminants which must be removed and recommend a comprehensive treatment system which will reduce disposal volume and enable recycling where possible.

The systems may be constructed inside containers that act as the building and are very rugged for use in remote environments.

Where necessary, they can be constructed to hazardous are standards and include monitoring from remote locations which highly automatic operation.

Systems for Remote camps and communities

Lifestream has worked with a number of companies from Canada to Kazakhstan to Sakhlin, Russia, to provide skid mounted systems to purify local water to provide drinking water for workers in oil/gas communities. Local water sources may be brackish, full of iron or other contaminants that need attention. The communities often develop population quickly, and are in remote locations. Systems may have to be protected from freezing, meet stringent specifications by the oil company, and be expedited and shipped under tight deadlines. Lifestream can meet these challenges.

You may reference standard Lifestream products for these applications: NDX, SW4, SW6, SW7, SW8, SWER, SWHP, BW, TROA, TROB, TROR, and Filtration.

Contact Lifestream for formal proposals, design specifications, and pricing for standard and customized systems.