Mobile Water Purification

Lifestream manufactures units that are mobile in several custom configurations. There is a demand for mobility to provide water for temporary work sites, to provide water during emergencies, for pilot plant studies before purchasing larger equipment, for field military use, for remote locations where portability is necessary to place the equipment in position, among other applications.

Mobile systems are available:

  • In trailers that may be towed
  • On ruggedized skids that may be mounted on trucks
  • In ISO containers that may be moved with a chassis
  • Built in reusable waterproof Hardigg boxes (small size systems)

Accessories are available that make the systems self contained and ready to use, such as: diesel generators to provide power, water intake systems and hoses, water storage tanks, brine disposal hose, field water testing equipment, and remote monitoring equipment. Solar power is available on some small R/O systems and filtration systems.

All Lifestream products may be built in a portable configuration. Contact Lifestream for proposals, design specifications, and pricing for your application.

Mobile Water Purification Trailer