Land Based Water Filtration

For Communities, Condos, Hotels, Resorts, and Golf Courses...

As the quality of water continues to worsen across the globe, the use of filtration systems and reverse osmosis water purification plants is increasing. The range of size for our purification systems is from as small as 200 gallons per day to output that will produce water for a good size municipality. The flexibility of size and configuration that is available make a Lifestream system suitable for an individual home, a group of apartments or condos, a hotel, a marina, a golf course, and up to a small city of people as well as a variety of industrial applications.

Projects for land based applications have been predominantly custom designs for each end user due to the variation in water quality necessitating specialized prefiltration and the compliance to local regulations. Our designs have a broad base of application in a variety of export and domestic markets.

The development of a land based water purification facility is best done working with specialists. Each facility is custom designed to accommodate the needs and size of the facility and to solve the problems which will be encountered, within the allowable budget.

At Lifestream, we are here to work with our potential customers to solve problems, answer questions, prepare proposals and build the proper installation to solve your water purification needs.

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