Process Industrial Water

There are many scenarios where purified water is needed for industrial use in factories, such as:

  • To meet critical water purity specs for a particular production process.
  • To enable using alternate sources of water which may be less expensive than city water such as well water, river water, or seawater.
  • To provide alternate sources of water where local water is insufficient in quantity.

The system, provided by Lifestream Watersystems may be a filtration system, an ultrafiltration system, a nanofiltration system or a reverse osmosis system. Combinations of various processes might also be used to obtain the needed water quality. Post treatment is also included if necessary such as EDI, pH adjustment, and disinfection.

Lifestream works with the end user to evaluate the feedwater that will be used, the specification for the water needed in the factory, and the end use to recommend the right system to be used.

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Process Industrial Water