Containerized Water Filtration Systems

All of the systems made by Lifestream can be constructed inside ISO shipping containers that then act as the building for the equipment at the final destination. The size of the container used depends on the output of the water purification system. Small systems are in 20 foot ISO containers and large systems may require more than one 40 Foot ISO container.

As standard, the containers are coated with a corrosion resistant paint and include a man door, and ventilation. Air conditioning may be added as an option. Installation requires only placement on a flat, level surface and connections of power and water utilizing a manifold.

Construction in containers saves the cost of a building for the system. It is also used for remote locations, for emergency response, and on oil platforms and ships. When a system is installed on a temporary basis, for example for a camp, or as a pilot plant, use of a containerized system facilitates easy relocation.

Contact Lifestream for technical proposal and pricing on a containerized system to meet your needs.